Friday, 5 April 2019

How To Check Your NCEE Examination Result On NECO/NCEE Portal 2019

How To Check Your 2019/2020 National Common Entrance Examination{NCEE} Candidate Result On The NECO Portal{}

The National Common Entrance Examination{NCEE} Council Has Advised That Candidates Participating Or Having Participated In The National Common Entrance Examination Can Now Follow The Below Two{2} Steps Inorder To Check Their Various Examination Results.

With the new NECO Results System, candidates can either login to their account (option 1) or visit the NECO Results portal to check their results (option 2).

National Common Entrance Examination{NCEE} 2019 Examination Result Is Out Check Here.

See Photos Below!!!

With The New NECO Result System,Candidates Can Either Login To Their Account{Option 1} Or Visit The NECO Result Portal{Option 2} To Check Their Result.

1. Log in to your account via NCEE portal (
2. Click Results on the Menu
3. View your result


3. View your result

Option 2 (Via NECO Results Portal)
1. Visit
2. Enter Exam number, exam type & Year.
3. View your result

2. Enter Exam Year, Exam Type and Registration Number.

3. Click on Check Result to view your result


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