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Things To Take Note In Order To Obtain Good Grades In Your WAEC Examination.

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The West African Examinations Council is West Africa's foremost examining board established by law
to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African
countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent
examining authorities internationally.

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By this mandate, the Council is expected to:

Assist in the development of sound education
Ensure that educational standards are maintained
Give the people of West Africa a vision of the great potentials which lie beyond examinations. .


To be a world-class examining body adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders.

To remain Africa's foremost examining body, providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment, encouraging academic and moral excellence and promoting sustainable human resource development and international


Team work

In its sixty years of existence, the Council has achieved its mission in very large measure. For instance it has over the years developed a team of well-trained and highly motivated staff and has administered examinations that are both valid and relevant to the educational aspirations of member countries. Its certificates enjoy international recognition. WAEC has also been promoting the ideals of hardwork and honesty in the youth through its awards for outstanding performance in its examinations.

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The Council conducts several international and national examinations in all member countries except Nigeria where it has shed all but one of its examinations, The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for school candidates in May/June and private candidates in November/December.

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Things To Take Into WAEC Examination Hall And How To Ensure Good Grades And Results.

  • Ensure that you go early enough to your examination Hall/Center.
  • Sit Quietly And Avoid Side Distractions.
  • Write your name boldly on the space provided{Question Paper And Answer Sheet}.
  • If you have got the re-printed answer sheet,check that the details are correctly the boxes marked Index Number, Paper Code and Sex, Reshade each of the shaded spaces as described on the photo below.
  • Go with all the necessary material{Recommended Mathematical Set And HB Pencil}
  • Do not write on the margins.
  • Read the questions and instructions carefully so you know exactly what you are asked.
  • Distribute time and questions.
  • Do not answer more than the required number of question you are asked to answer.
  • Make first questions you know best.
  • If you see a question that you do not know, do not be nervous. Leave it for last.
  • Turn A Fresh Page When Ever You Want To Answer A New Question i.e If John Has Answered Number 1 And Wants To Proceed To Number 2 He Is Required To Turn To A Fresh Page.
  • Request For An Extra Answer Sheet When You Found Out That The One With You Is Filled Up And Pin Together With An Office Pin With Your Original Answer Sheet To Avoid Lost.
  • Specify the number of the question you answering at the Header Top and Underline Avoid Writing Numbers on the margin.
  • write the numbers of questions that you have answered at the bottom front of your answer sheet please write them down only when their is a provided space for it.
  • Submit your answer slip and walk out quietly with your examination materials and question paper.
  • In Time Of Objective{OBJ} Reshade Carefully Index Number,Paper code And Name.
  • Shade Only On The Answer That You Have Chosen On Your Objective{OBJ} Answer Sheet Avoid Shading Of Two Answer.
  • HB Pencil is advisable for your shading.

Study Habit For WAEC Candidates:

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  1. Study always in the same room. It will help you concentrate.
  2. The place of study should be aerated and ventilated.
  3. There must be a suitable temperature. Neither too cold nor too hot.
  4. Study in a quiet room. In any case, soft music.
  5. Make sure that there are no distractions like television, radio, games, mobile or ornaments on the table.
  6. The work table must have all the necessary study material.
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