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How To Calculate Post Utme Aggregate Score For Post Utme/DE Admission 2019/2020.

How You Can Calculate Your Choice Of Institution Post Utme Aggregate Score To See If You Meet With The Admission Benchmark{Departmental Cutoff Mark} For 2019/2020 Academic Session.

Your Jamb score is allocated 50%, O level is 20% and post-ume is 30%.
JAMB Maximum score under JAMB is 400.To prorate to 50% your Jamb score will be divided by 8 (400/50)

RECOMMENDED: Check Your Choice Of Institution Admission List On JAMB Portal.

WAEC/NECO O level is calculated using the 5 core subjects(core to the course you wish to study as decided by the University) as follows *A1-6points *B2-5 *B3-4 *C4-3 *C5-2 *C6-1 Maximum is 30 p0intsThe total points is then prorated to 20 through multiplication by 2/3.

POST-UTME Here is the score many candidates seem to find rather confusing. Some complain of having a higher score in the POST-UTME than university cut-off points without being admitted.What they must understand is that even if they score 100% in that exam it amounts only to 30% of the cut-off point. So their  Post -Utme score is usually prorated to 30 marks using 0.3 as the multiplier Example: a candidate had 202 in Jamb and his O level goes thus. Maths-B3, Chemistry-C4, Biology- B2, English-C5, Physics-C6, Economic-B3, Geography-A1 and had 58% in the post utme.
To calculate his composite, this is how it’s done.

RECOMMENDED: Print Your Choice Of School Admission Letter On JAMB Portal 2019/2020

Jamb score divided by 8 i.e202/8=25.25 For the O level, only 5 subjects (math, english, chemistry, biology, and physics) are needed. There he has Math-B3-4points, English-C5-2point, Chemistry-C4-3points, Biology-B2-5points, Physics-C6-1point Total gross points for O level=4+2+3+5+1=15. This score is then multiplied by 2/3 i.e 15 x 2/3=10.

His post utme score is allocated 30% and is multiplied by 0.3. i.e 58 x 0.3=17.4 Therefore, the candidates’ composite is the sum of these 3 scores i.e Jamb+O’level+po­st utme. That is 25.25+10+17.4=5­2.65 Hence, the candidate’s composite is 52.65. Now note the 5-point gap between the composite total and what he scored in the post-utme.
That 5-point gap may result in not being granted admission! Okay?
NOTE: 100% above may be equivalent to 100,200 or 400 marks in different universities

Also Note That:

Most Other Schools Like FUTO And Rest Use This Method Aggregate score is calculated by dividing the sum of JAMB Score and Post-UTME Score by eight.  (Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score + Post-UTME Score)/8) Without Considering Olevel Scores.

Good Luck To All Post Utme Participants !!!
May The Lord Grant You Admission This Year In Jesus Name!!!

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