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The Most Exciting Way To Prepare For Your 2020 JAMB Utme Examination{All JAMB Aspirants}

Preparing For JAMB Utme Examination, Best JAMB Subject Combination, All You Need To Do As A JAMB Aspiring Candidate, How To Register, How To Avoid Registration Error, Preparing Yourself For JAMB Utme Examination, How JAMB Set Their Examination, Likely JAMB Questions To Expect And How To Know Your JAMB Exam Date, Examination Center And Time Of Examination.

I Welcome You All 2020/2021 JAMB Utme Aspirants!!!

On This Portal We Wish To Guide You On How To Run A Successful JAMB Examination With Out Stress Or Errors..
Before We Further On, My Name Is Justin Membis Ikechukwu An Educational Consultant In Nigeria.I Am The Official Admin Of The Popular Website

Before Proceeding I Will Want To Explain What JAMB And Utme Really Means!!!

JAMB: Joint Admission And Matriculation Board Is A Board Responsible For Holding The Matriculation Examination For Tertiary School Admission In Each Year..
UTME: This Means The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, The Examination Which Qualifies You Towards Proceeding To Any Tertiary School Of Your Choice Post Utme Entrance Screening.


How Do I Choose My Subjects For JAMB Utme Examination??
As A JAMB Aspiring Student What Do You Need To Do??
How Do You Register For You JAMB Utme Examination??
How Do You Monitor Your Registration To Avoid Errors On Registration??
How Do You Prepare For Your JAMB Utme Examination??
How Does JAMB Set Their Examination??
How Do I Know My JAMB Examination Center??
What Are The Likely Questions I Should Expect To See During JAMB Exam??

All This Questions And Many More!!!
But Today We Are Going To Treat The Outlined Questions Above And As Time Goes By Other Useful Hints Will Also Be Made Available.....

How Do I Choose My Subject For JAMB Utme Registration?

During My Time In Secondary School I Also Had Those Questions On My Mind Be It The First Time I Was About Seating For My First JAMB Utme Examination In The Year 2013.
The Whole System Was New To Me And I Also Was A Commercial/Social Science Student At That Time...
But This Issue Was Tackled When I Was Able To Give Myself A Definition About How I Clearly Want My Future To Be. I Made Up My Mind To Study Economics As It Has Been My Dream Since My Time During My SS1.So I Was Able To Figure Out That The Best Three Combination Of Subject For A Student Of Economics For Utme Examination Is To Be Mathematics, Use Of English, Economics And Government Also I Proceeded To My School Teacher Who Convinced Me The Choice Subject Combination Is Cool For My Chosen Career.

So It Is Concluded That For You To Ascertain Your Choice Of Course JAMB Utme Subject Combination You Will Have To First Of All Get A Clear View Of The Course You Really Want To Enroll Into In The Tertiary Institution. Other Services That Can Assist You Is The JAMB Utme Brochure And Also What I Call BEST SUBJECT COMBINATION FOR SCIENCE,ART AND COMMERCIAL STUDENT FOR JAMB UTME EXAMINATION.

 As A JAMB Aspiring Student What Do You Need To Do??

As A Candidate Preparing To Seat For The JAMB Utme Examination You Will At First Prepare You Mind, Yourself And Also Try Getting Useful Hints And Right Information Gearing Seating For JAMB Utme Examination.
At First You Need To Know The Your Course Subject Combination For JAMB Utme Examination.
ii. Purchase The JAMB Registration E-pin.
iii. Create A JAMB Utme Profile On JAMB Portal With An Active Email Address And Phone Number.
Email Address And Phone Numbers That Are Inactive Can Lead To Loss Of Information Thereby Putting You Stress And Tension Which Will Attract An Extra Cost.
Proceeding To An Accredited JAMB Utme Cyber Cafe For Utme Registration.

How Do You Register For Your JAMB Utme Examination??

You Are To Proceed To Any JAMB Utme Accredited Cyber Cafe For Your Registration And Avoid Use Of Guessed Data/Information Note That Application For JAMB Utme MOCK Examination Is Optional.
For More Guide: Read The JAMB Registration Procedures

How Do You Monitor Your Registration To Avoid Errors On Registration??

To Keep Your Information Secured Make Sure You Visit An Accredited JAMB Utme Cyber Cafe Where You Thumb Print And Also Do Your Reprint. Also You Are To Provide An Accurate Information About Yourself.

Your Full Name,
State Of Origin,
Choice Of Subject,
Thumb Print,
State Of Residence,
State For Examination{Note This Is Based On The Earlier The Better}
And So On..... Cant Really Figure Out All Now!!
Also Make A Review On You Data Before The Registration Personnel Will Submit.
It Is Advisable You Pen All Data Information On A Cheat Of Paper And Stay Around While Online Registration Is Made...

How Do You Prepare For Your JAMB Utme Examination??

You Are To Get Use To The JAMB Study Materials Which Include Your JAMB Utme Past Question Booklet, Which Can Also Be Obtained Online For Just 500 Naira. Also Read Through The JAMB Recommended Literature Which Parts Of The Questions Will Be Asked While Writing Use Of English Which The Online Summary/Questions To Expect Has Been Made Available On Our Portal.
The Literature Which May Include{ 'Sweet Sixteen',Last Days At Forcados High School,} And So On.... Also JAMB Recommended Literature Poem THE BAT By D.H Lawrence, Poetry The Sun Rising-John Donne, George Orwell Nineteen Eight four{1984, [For All Literature Students] And So On.
Also We Have Initiated An Online JAMB Utme Help Portal Which Can Guarantee You Of Scoring At Least 250 And Above In Your JAMB Utme Examination.{Do You Want To Be A Part Of Us Kindly Contact Or Whatsapp Admin 08092195441}

How Does JAMB Set Their Examination??

JAMB Examination Has Been Proven To Be One Of The Simplest Examination Ever Held In Nigeria, It Is An Examination That Deals With Objectives Only But Mind You It Is Not As Simple As It Sounds.
JAMB Use Of English Goes Into The Deeper Aspect Of English With A Tactic Nature.
The The Application Of Nearest In Meaning, Opposite In Meaning, Best Completes Are Applied.
Most Of The Times You Find Out That The One That Doesn't Make Sense With The Sentence Is The Answers.
For Example JAMB Can Give You The Below Question.

1. It Is High Time I ............................
A. Leave
B. Leaving
C. Left
D. Had To Leave
E. Have To Leave
F. None Of The Above!!!

At This Time You Will Just Get Confused To The Answer You Are To Choose!!
Alright, The Right Answer Is LEFT This Is Based On The Rules Of Concord That Says When Ever 'It Is High Time, It Is About Time And It Is Time' Is Used In A Sentence The Verb That Follows Will Be In The Past. 

Hope Am Clear Here!!!
So This Is Not About Bringing Fear To Your Mind But Just Have That Mind Set That JAMB Exam Is Something You Can Do...

How Do I Know My JAMB Examination Date,Time And Center??

After Registration JAMB Will Announce The Approved Date For Re-Printing By All JAMB Registered Candidates Note That The Re-Printing Of JAMB Slip Comes In Two Phases, Re-Printing For JAMB MOCK Preparatory Examination{Not Compulsory}  And Also Re-Printing For JAMB Main Utme Examination.
Why You Should Re-Print Is To Note You JAMB Utme/MOCK Approved Examination Date, Examination Town, Center And Time For Examination.

What Are The Likely Questions I Should Expect To See During JAMB Exam??

JAMB Repeats Questions Every Year But In Terms Of CBT{Computer Based Test} JAMB Reshuffles The Repeated Questions. Ie It Is Not The Way Mr Obi Got His Question That Mrs Ada With Get Hers.
For Example:
What Is Your Name? Can Be Turned To Your Name Is?
The Question Is Still The Same But The Sentence Has Changed So By The Use Of Your Study Material And Subscription For Our Help You Will Be Sure To Ascertain A High And Impressing Mark During JAMB Which Will Boost Opportunity Towards Securing Admission Into Your Dream University....

Am Sure My Little Update Will Go Wide And Bring Peace To The Minds Of Most JAMB Aspirants Note That More Will Be Coming Your Way As You Are Advised To Assist Us Or Suggesting For Us By Using Our Comment Box Below...

Your Questions And Fear Is What We Want To Tackle To Ensure You Excel In Your Choice Of Career...

Once  Again I Say Good Day To You All...
Feel Free To Contact Admin 08092195441 By Voice Call Or Whatsapp Message
I Still Remain A Humble Nigerian Justin Membis I.

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